The owner was mr. Max Andres and the company was founded in 1920 and was still active in 1969.

Headquarters: Schwenningen, Friedrichstrasse 7 (now Pastor Schmid Strasse 7)
Brand Name: Max Andres and Alpha.

Production: Singing birds with alarm clock, chess, boxing and billiards clocks, timers, techn. Drives, musical works, fishing reels, Christmas tree rotation works, the first miniature camera with automatic transport, metal building kit.

Max Andres ( * 18.06.1889 , +16.05.1975 ) came from an old Black Forest clockmakers family, his ancestors had emigrated to the Austrian Waldviertel. A connection to the company Andres & Dworsky is therefore conceivable. In Karlstein he took the watchmaking master examen and came before the First World War to Schwenningen. From 1914 -1918 he worked in the design department at the firm Mauthe, made in 1918 independently and took over special construction contracts. The brand Andres was registered in 1920 and remained a company specialized in custom and small batch precision engineering workshop with only a few employees. The activities ended at 1970.

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