Early Associations with Meccano

In 1912 Märklin was the distributor for Meccano on the European continent, in France e.g. through their subsidiary “Maerklin Freres et Cie”. Between 1911-1913 Märklin made 60 000 clockwork – motors for Meccano indicating Hornby and Märklin had a good relationship. Hornby tried to work together with Märklin in middle and eastern Europe. In Berlin in 1910 Hornby founded a distribution-company called “Meccano-Gesellschaft m.b.H.”( = Meccano private limited company.). In Göppingen Märklin made parts for the Meccano sets. These sets had Meccano and Märklin trademarks (Meccano-Märklin-Metallbaukasten). At the start of the war in 1914 all rights and trademarks of foreign companies fell to the German Reich. On the 15th of August 1915 Märklin acquired the trademarks and rights of Meccano in Germany. During the war Märklin only sold stock parts, because they produced war material in Göppingen.

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