Sachsenmeister Metallbau KM was founded in 1947 in Markneukirchen Saxony by Kurt Muller. The company remained in his hands, despite the formation of the GDR in 1949, until 1973 when it was finally taken into state ownership and renamed “VEB Feimechanik Markneukirchen” (VEB translates to company owned by the people).

Sachsenmeister ceased production of steam toys in 1962 thereafter producing HO railway related Items until it ceased trading in 1989 with the disolution of the German Democratic Republic.

Sachsenmeister produced a typical didactic construction toy, as several DDR firms did in that period.
The firm produced five outfit: two basic outfit (Grosse I, II) for the realization of several workshop equipment, a steam locomobile (Grosse III) and two outfit “Traktor” for the montage of two different agricultural tractor and trailer.
At the beginning of the production the parts was black or alu, after 1950 the parts are colored green and red.
There is no any compatibility with Meccano.


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