The tractor factory Schönebeck was from the mid-1960s the only tractor manufacturer in the GDR.
The factory site was on the eastern outskirts of Schönebeck and handed in the north to the redness, a lowland forest area on the banks of the Elbe. [edit]
The origins of the company go to the bicycle factory founded in 1885 “World Wheel”, which returns FAMO vehicle and engine plants Wroclaw and the Junker works in Schönebeck (Elbe). On the grounds of the bicycle factory in 1945 started the production of handcart, bicycles and strollers and in subsequent years on the basis of FAMO-product program with the production of spare parts and later with the development and production of vehicles for agriculture.
The tractor factory Schönebeck was founded in 1956, just one year later the Dieselmotorenwerk Schönebeck
In 1993 the tractor program was liquidated and few years later the company closed.
The two tractors RS 09 and RS56 were probably the most known tractors in the GDR, and the factory produced an Outfit with a realistic model of the tractors between 1959 and 1967.
The accessory outfit concerns agricultural equipment; outfit 2 Vielfachgerat (Plow) was manufactured by VEB Landmaschinenbau Torgau, outfit 3 Drillmaschine “Saxonia A 188″was manufactured by VEB Landmaschinenbau Bernburg and outfit 4 Dungerstreuer was manufactured by VEB Landmaschinenbau Barth ca. 1961-1969


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